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Triangle Response

The triangle that unites speakers who are forced to make quick cases while trying to respond to the other side.

That is the point. When you as the LO, then you have to response the Prime Minister, and DPM would response you as well.
The thing is, how is it going?
Basically there are the outline that should be brought by Leader and Deputi. There are : 

  • LO
    • Model diagnosis
    • Counter-proposals
    • Instant-cases
  • Deputies
    • General disposition
    • General strategy
    • The Swiss Knife 
The main point of rebuttal is to PROVE the other side that they are wrong about their frame. And also, this type of phrase is not allowed in debate if you want to win the debate.

l“They do not solve the root cause of the problem, which is…”
l“The model does not consider ____” 
Why not??
  • There is almost never a root cause for a problem.
  • A model can't be expected to solve anything.
  • Push debating / burden-pushing is SO LOW CLASS
And Also...
Don’t be a hypocrite! Debates are all about comparison. When you launch a rebuttal, make sure it doesn’t apply to you.

Don’t be afraid to concede certain arguments. If you can’t rebut an argument, just weigh its value against those of your arguments.

 Steps in LO : Model Diagnosis

  • Step 1 : Check for feasibility
  • Step 2 : Examine the parties that get affected
  • Step 3 : Based on your assesment of the model's strenghts and weaknesses, formulate a line of clash.
State the clash explicitly. 
Next article would be Counter-Proposals and Deputy's duty...
Stay tune...

Signing off. 

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