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Parliamentary Debate

Debate has their own format. Each format, or we call parliament, has their own characteristic such as number of people debating and number of team involved. There are 3 commonly-used debating format in indonesia, they are Asian Parliamentary and British Parliamentary. Other formats that is not frequently used are Australasian Parliamentary, Crossfire and American Parliamentary. Let’s discuss them in this chapter:

Asian Parliamentary
In Asian Parliamentary format, there are two teams debating: Affirmative, or Government—supporting the motion, and Negative, or Opposition—opposing the motion. The first speaker comes from the affirmative team, followed by the negative, until the 3rd speaker. These six speeches are called substantial speeches, 7 minutes each. After the last speaker from the negative team spoke, the reply speech to sum up the debate comes from the negative first. So affirmative team starts and ends the debate. The reply speeches are 5 minutes each. 


British Parliamentary
In British Parliamentary, the teams are divided into the "government" - affirmative and "opposition" – negative bench. The first two teams, also called the opening half start the debate, the closing half have to extend the debate on a different level. So the teams are called Opening Government or 1st Affirmative, Opening Opposition or 1st Negative, Closing Government, or 2nd Affirmative, and Closing Opposition or 2nd Negative. The debate is started by the 1st speaker of the Opening Government, then from Opening Opposition, until the last speaker. So there are 8 substantial speeches, 7 minutes each. There is no reply speech in this format. 

Australs Parliamantary
This debate has same composition as Asian, but the difference is we can't send our POI to the other team. So we put it on our rebuttals, and that's the debate going. I think this is would make the adjs gone for sleep, since It has no POI.

Signing off~ See ya on the next model.

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