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First Try, First Experience

Hi dear Blogger and Reader.
I was trying to make an adsense account in order to get some money out of my parent's authority. And now I am eligible enough to hand a credit card, so why am not doing this right?

This blog was intend to be an adsense one, but while I'm uploading my portfolio on flixya, I don't know how it will work, but I'm trying right now. It said that if I post 10 things, (text, photos, or videos) will be able to monetize. Then I can make it on my blog.

Blog. By the way I will buy a domain to put my blog. To be published to the others, so they can read how Extraordinary am I. Today, this night, September 2nd, 2011 at my room and it's on 00.00 am minus 10 minutes.

Oh ya, I would Introduce my identity. My name is... what ever it is, I would be glad if you call me Sis, or Eonni, or something that represent a girl. Because that's totally I am.

I am proud to say that I am a Boice. What is Boice? This Explanation goes to CNBlueStorm

29 March 2010 – 10:55 PM
FNC released a statement with regards to Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE’s Fanclub Name at their Official Korean Site.  Lyna expressed her disappointment with the first five choices for CNBLUE’s official fanclub name  which are “Blue Mate”, “Blue Moon”, “Blueholic”, “ID Blue”, and “Blue Chip”. As of why she is disappointed, please check her post at soompi. And randomly out of the blue, she suggested “It doesn’t have to have “Blue” in it to be certified as CNBLUE’s fans… Like Big Bang “V.I.P.” or 2NE1 “blackjacks”… We could be VOICES, the only instrument you can hear but cannot see… We are their Voices… their instruments in music… their inspiration for singing…. I just thought of that randomly since they have an Album titled “VOICE”” Many soompiers seem to support her idea. Since she is the administrator of this site as well, she decided to ask the cnbstorm followers what they think of “Voice” as fanclub name. She got positive response. But still she’s hesitant since she still didn’t know what would be the outcome of her suggestion. She wanted to keep silent and let bygones be bygones. But if you should have known, (for those who know Lyna’s personality), she isn’t the type to keep silent and let things pass-by with regret. She believes that there’s nothing wrong with voicing out her opinion. Others viewed her as too bold to step into FNC’s decision. Some find her to be disrespectful towards them. We should have submitted “Voice” beforehand when FNC asked for suggestions. But if cnbstorm followers remember, we are promoting the name of the site as the fanclub name during that time. Lyna have never thought of disrespecting FNC but rather helping them to decide what could be the best fanclub name for CNBLUE. It only matters of how you view it positively or negatively.
31 March 2010
Lyna suggested to make a petition asking for reconsideration to add “Voice” in their choices.Please check this post for further information.
09 April 2010
It seems like FNC heard our request. They released another statement with regards to CNBLUE’s fanclub name asking for fans to suggest names without the word “blue” in it. So, that’s the time when we fully campaign for “Voice” to be the fanclub name. Below is the meaning of “Voice” for CNBLUE’s fanclub name.
목 소리 (Voice)
“Voice” is the major instrument of communication and music. Fans would like to be the instrument and inspiration of C.N.BLUE in creating their Music as well as communicate with them thru supporting them and their music.
“Voice” plays an important role in conveying messages and makes a powerful effect in music. It is thru our voice we sing. We can sing without musical instruments like guitar or violin but we can’t sing without a voice. It completes a song or musical piece, adds beauty to melody and significance to the lyrics. It is thru our “Voice” that we can speak our minds, express our feelings and communicate with others. It is thru our voice that we are able to make friends and tell people we love them.
C.N.BLUE (Music) = Fans (Voice)
C.N.BLUE sings for fans and fans love them thru supporting them and their songs. A song can’t be complete without a voice. There is voice in music and music is express thru voice. C.N.BLUE are here for the fans as well as fans will always be there for C.N.BLUE. The two always go together. There are no fans without C.N.BLUE and vice versa. We are always connected. We are “one”.
With one voice, C.N.BLUE Fighting!
By the way, VOICE in Korean is “Moksori” =) It sounds cute…
19 April 2010
FNC gave the 2nd Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE Fanclub name which are “Blue Nation”, “Boice”, “Dear”, “Decoder”, “Make Me High (pronounced as Mecca)“. We are totally shocked, astounded, you name it when we found out that they changed “Voice” to “Boice”. How come? First, there is no letter “V” in their Hangul character and BOICE is derived from combining “Blue” with “Voice”. Since the voting is done at a Korean site, most voters are Koreans though some of us managed to vote as well. Eventually, BOICE won in the voting.
23 April 2010
Yonghwa announced through his message at his official site that BOICE is now CNBLUE’s fanclub name as he greets everyone a day before their 100th day debut. And he really like the name. Not later, FNC officially announced thru CNBLUE’s Official Site that BOICE will be their fanclub name.So, I guess April 23 is BOICE Anniversary as well?
Please correct me if any of the above post is wrong.
 That's explained a lot right? Yes. Now then I making this, I'm listening to C.N Blue's I'm a Loner. And, that's it. So, I got new experience in Google AdSense. This one credit to jr. and lolita6othic on my forum. Indowebster.
This for today. Am signing off. See ya...

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