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First Assignment

Tonight when I realize that I should finished this task, I still enjoying my golden time in a forum, used to be nations scale, but I don’t know why the other one still more crowded than here. Tonight I was resting my body, since Resty, Sisca and I were going to Ancol, for the free ticket. Yeah, today was a tough day, but that was fun, and we really enjoy about it.
The purpose that I am writing here is to complete my English Savvy’s task. I don’t know where to start, but I tried to use the guideline. First is about myself. Even though I am little bit lazy to bring this up again, but I tried my best. But before we are going to the main point, I want to emphasize to you, reader, or you might be my lecturer, I won’t make a point like using dash or bullet or something to let you know what point that you read.
My name is Annisa Safanta. Totally a woman, a girl perhaps, since I’m not mature enough. Was born on October, 26th 1992, and for sure it was on 1.45 a.m. A little chat about this, I love to be a scorpion. Because I am a simple one, as in you won’t effort something if you want to know about my expression.  Some people said that I was hard to be guess, like my friend said when I already presented my presentation. He said that “Nisa, I want to spend more time with you, I guess you’re unique” Anyway, talking about him, I admitted that I give my respect to him. Since our first meeting, he made me melted in anyway. I still remember it clearly, when he came from the door, and asked me while he walking to his position, “Are you Nisa right?” and yeah. That’s cool.
For further information, I am the first child, and I only have one brother, and we’re going to be same season, as in we are growth together and he’s not that kid, like now he’s on his last year in high school. His name is Anggi. Yeah, we are A, both of us.
No further for him, since it should be me right? I am a debater, even if my skill is not that good, but I still love debating. And my last tourney was Joved, as an adjudicator. But, sadly, I’m not that great, I didn’t get any promotion, so I still trainee adjudicator.
Recently I love hanging around forum, I don’t know why, but it is good to be around them. And also, when I make it, I am still lurking in the web. Since there’s no limitation in to the passage, I would tell you something that happen today and that made me quite sad, and made me feel like I wanna jump from the rooftop.
When I was enjoying at forum, randomly I checked twitter by third apps, Tweetdeck. One of my friend mentioned me and said this, “how about hanging around with A, B, and C, and E also, hes already in Jakarta” Then, without any offense I replied this “And D also.” And he replied with a statement “If D in, am out” This is the starter, the thing that made me want to cry also.
A little war just begun, and the things came when D message me in messenger, full with words, like he want this that and so on. The problem was easy, let called my friend is F. So, D was angry with F, but I was unlucky, he’s angry to me also. I tried to calm him down, and I tried to talk nicely to him, but he’s not responding as well. For sure, I am really confused about that.
That’s one of the journeys. As a friend I really want them, not them, but me, made a good relationship to them, not like this, hampering each other. And, I can say that this is not the very first time to me to face this problem. I’ve got experience about this also, and worse than this.
And talking about experience, I think that I’ve attached that somewhere in the letter. I am a debater, and I might share about my experience of being a committee in a prestigious event that we ever made, called The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics.
I was in Event Department, we were the one that made the concepts, and etcetera.  First I was signed to Social Awareness, and MURI breaking. But since we canceled the breaking, so I was moved to ceremonies. Opening, closing and etcetera. At the very first time, my friend and I were thought that being event folks is not that hard, since when the others tried to search fund, judges and etcetera, we just making concept. But the fact is, on the day, we are in hurry like hurricane came to us.
Did you realize that I never talked about college here, and yeah, I admitted it that my score, or GPA is not that good, can’t reach 3, very poor. But am not sad at all, because I believe I can, because later on, I will use the material, so why I’ve to get a high score anyway? At last I will be their friends. What a shame of me. I don’t know why, It can be referred to high school, I didn’t care as well.
This letter, or assignment, or whatever you will call it, would be nice if I put a love powder here. What’s love powder? You can laugh at it later, but firstly, I want you to read it carefully.
I ever got crushed in to a guy, from Industrial Engineering major, he was handsome, and not to be frank, he’s quite different with the others. And a few days more, he’ll have his birthday. And, we were met each other by our student organization, and this is will take a lot of papers if I started it from the beginning.
When we were having an outing program to Tidung, that time He and I were a friend, a good friend. Till I put our picture, yeah, the picture that consist of him, and me also. Since that day I never talked with him again, and yeah. I don’t know how to start it again, become a friend.
From the case above, that was clear that I expect that I want to get a good score, and also I want to be his friend again, without bring any guilty feeling. And also, I want more development in my career of debate, and also I want see English Savvy more good than ever, the experience that I got, It is not bring any harm if we are not pay attention to the class, because at the end we are determined by score of Toefl.
There is a lot of things that I expected to be done, but at the end I just write some word that proper to be brought here, and well, yeah I am shameless. But that is humanity right? Expect things that they want.
Why this is full of English? Basically it because of the task given by the lecturer, he asked the student to do this. And the last point is about why we should learn English or the reason, or anything that related to English.
Basically I love English since 4th Grade on Elementary, and I am taking more advance in course, so I used to be fluent, but I don’t know, I just love writing in English, just that, I can communicate, I mean discussion with English, but I rarely using that, even though that was in meeting or something that related to English. As long as we are in Indonesia, and making friend with Indonesian people, I believe we would not break anything, because using mother language is easier than using foreign language.
This is more than 1300 words, meaning that It already meet the requirement, which are 400 words. So, by this I closed today’s session. So this is, debatabase’s Nisa assignment version.
Signing off, see you another chances, keep moving forward!

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