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Case Building

Plan before doing: Like making a blueprint while building a house, in any debate we need to plan before delivering our speech. Then, how important is doing case building? Maybe it can be known by how much money that we need to spend for architects and contractor in any house-building projects.

What are the contents of casebuild?
Everything we need, literally. Case building, you will need to know what you are going to talk about, including your signposts, tipping points and reasons.
Case building will map on key things that we would deliver in a debate, thus making it very important. As important as the debate itself. Now we are going to discuss on key things you need in building your case.

How to write things during case building?

After we know what we are going to talk about and all the details, we are going to wrote keynotes on our papers. Usually, people will write all chronological of their speech to make them easier to keynoting their speech. For example:
THW Execute Corruptors
-       Justification: Corruptors has taken people’s right
o  People guilty for Human Rights Violations do not deserve Human Rights
o  Corruption equals to life
§  Corruptor corrupts the people’s life quality
§  How? They corrupts logistics and standard of construction quality
§  Example: the corruption of food supplies and amount of cement in construction
§  Result: food shortage, inflations, below standard building quality. Thus, degradation ofcitizens’ quality of life
§  Corruptors degrades the job of government as moral agent
-       Detterence
o  Giving fear to all corruptors to die
o  Showing the message on how big the crime corruptor has
o  Example: All countries applying death penalty to corruptors don’t show recent corruption issue: China, Thailand, Belarus, Russia and South Korea

This is an example on what you write in your paper during case building. It would be vary, as you like it. Some people might have to wrote a more detailed notes, while some others might need to write only the general keypoints. It is totally on how you write it. But even you wrote a little amount of handwriting, you still need to contruct, at least in your mind, all features of your speech
Now, here’s some tips and tricks you can use for finding ideas, of course with simple motions to be understood:


Brainstorm is one of the most important to think and seek out possible ideas. One of the way to do brainstorming is to make a word map.
Look at this example:
Motion: Cats makes better pets than dogs
STEP 1 :    starting from one keyword, in this case CAT, think of as many words as possible and write them around the keyword. Now write as many word as you can that relate too those words, whatever comes in mind. Don’t try to organize your thoughts just yet (it would slow you down)
STEP 2 :    look at the word map. Do some of the words listed suggest reasons why a cat would make better pets than dogs? Or vice versa? Write down all the reasons that you think of.
Here are the reasons we found in our example of word map for why “Cats makes better pets than dogs”:
1.   Cats catch mice
2.   Cats are cheaper than dogs
3.   Cats sleeps a lot
4.   Cats have four legs
5.   Cats are cute, dogs don’t
6.   Cats are clean, dogs are dirty
7.   Cats are quiet, dogs are noisy

STEP 3 :    after you have written down many reasons, it is time to prioritize the reasons, that is, to put the reasons in order from the most important to the least important. Here are example of sorted reasons, each person may have various opinion on which is the most important.
1.   Cats are cute, dogs don’t
2.   Cats are clean, dogs are dirty
3.   Cats are quiet, dogs are noisy
4.   Cats are cheaper than dogs
5.   [minor] Cats catch mice
6.   [doesn’t show cats better]Cats have four legs
7.   [contradiction]Cats sleeps a lot

Connecting Dots
During a debate, sometimes people hard to seek for some relevant ideas. Here’s other tips to make it easier. Connecting Dots is similar like Brainstorming, but a bit different, it would help you to organize your issue vs. goal cases more fluently.
Look at this example:

Motion: That Junk Food is not Healthy

STEP 1: Now we start from the keyword “Junk Food” and “Healthy”. Similar like brainstorming, we are going to look for as many words related to those keywords.
STEP 2: Once you are done, look at your word map. You will find out that several of oppositing keywords are correlated. For example in this case “That Junk food is not Healthy” you will have to find words which are contradicts each other (of course when you are dealing with motions like “This House Believe That Democracy is prerequisite of Sustainable Development” you have to find words which are SUPPORTING between ‘Democracy’ and ‘Sustainable Development’).
STEP 3:  Same as Brainstorming, you’ll next will have to written down the relation between those words, make it as your reason and prioritize them. Trust me, it works.

After know several techniques in constructing your case, there are also tricks to keep remind u to make one perfect argument. Perfect as in, it contains one solid idea.

The Swiss Knife: Debating Template
On making the flow of their speech, people usually have their own style. Now we would discuss about how to map one idea into one solid argument.
Usually debaters uses the term AREL to signifies their way of telling one solid argument. This method is called template. They already know points that are going to be told. So, most debaters will do this pattern called AREL:

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